Cloud based

Insurance Management Systems

Requiring no upfront investment - Get started in minutes

A complete automation system

Scaling with the needs of your organizations



A complete solution for Agencies requiring full control of their business and portfolio. Our platform ensures a hassle free set-up at no up front cost. With no hardware or software requirements on your end. It's as easy as sign-up and start working.


Brokers & MGAs

Based on decades of experience we have a rich set of features and reports tailored specifically towards Brokers and MGAs. Our tools will help you further grow your business by provding exceptional control mechanisms. Get started today!



Providing Companies with revolutionary ways to stay in contact with agents in addition to keeping track of the portfolio. Our easy to get going solutions ensures easy access to data for Underwriters, Customer service representatives and Management

Software you need, deployment you want

Sign up and get started in minutes, no installation needed


Software-as-a-service - Saas

Hosted in the cloud, Jetfile allows you to sign-up and get started in minutes.
The solution can also be hosted on your servers, in your server room, by your own people.


Exceptional User Experience

Ensuring that every user interface is optimized for your specific needs the solution ensures and faster data entry reducing your time to market


Built for security

With security in mind in every step along the way you can rest assured that your data is safe with our solutions. Based on industry standard solutions


Device and Mobile Ready

Whether you are in front of your workstation, or on the road with your device, Jetfile is ready and capable. A true device agnostic solution our product suite can handle your Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device

Product packages

We've put together 3 standard package configurations, making sure you get the features you need



For organizations with needs to track policies, invoices and payments.

  • Policy Management
  • Billing
  • Receivables and Payables
  • Forms and Reports
  • Contact Management
  • Dashboards & Analytics


For organizations with more advanced needs in document and email tracking, payment tracking, integrations, reporting

arrow All Professional features plus
  • Document Management
  • Policy Issuance
  • Vendor payables
  • Carrier Integrations
  • Finance Integrations


For organizations who want to keep track of financials; income and expenses, expense reporting, Customer Relation Management (CRM) and who wish to provide their clients and contacts with direct access to their data through portals

arrow All Advanced features plus
  • General Ledger
  • CRM
  • Approval
  • Contact Portals
  • Expense tracking

Ensuring you are on the right track

Our team of professionals are ready to help you get started with Jetfile. We will make sure you are utilizing the solution so that you can focus on other things than technology.