Issue Invoice and collect your money
Simple as that

Invoice, Collect and Pay all from one place

Gives you full overview of Receivables and payables, who owes what and who you owe


With JetFile billing you get a clear picture of which invoices has been paid and which has not. Invoices are automatically created as you bind a policy and you can easily register payments and disbursements. The strong collection tools gives you control of which invoices has been paid and which has not. You can easily figure out when you have been paid and what is owed to you. The system will also keep track of payments due.

Stay ahead of the competition

With automatic bill issuance, strong collection and disbursement tool

Automatic data flow and General Ledger Posting

The second you create an invoice, receive payments or disburse money the General Ledger is updated. The system will automatically post to the correct accounts, and through month end closing procedures the system will prevent if from making mistakes, post to wrong months or even wrong accounts. Aging reports, Account Currents and Past due receivables allows you to control all the aspects of the cash flow. One click check issuance and check approval and print queues.

  • Automatically create invoices

  • Strong collection tools

  • Issue and print checks

  • Automatic General Ledger Posting

Linked with our Financial module amounts will post automatically to the correct General Ledger accounts. Giving you full overview of each transaction.


Data safety

By using industry standard security mechanisms and using Microsoft's cloud platform you can rest assured your data is safe.


Geo redundancy

We store your data not only 1 time, but 3 times on different servers, in different buildings and even in different states. And data resides in the USA at all times.



If you have any questions you are free to call us, at any time. Our specialists are ready to assist you in getting started or guide you through the advanced concepts.


Device compatibility

All you need is a modern device with a modern browser. We support the 2 latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and Opera.

Billing and collection made simple

Keeping track on your cash flow can be time consuming. With eveything in one system and with automatic data flow between modules, duties that took hours in the past can be done in minutes. Get full control of you business and its cashflow with Jetfile

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