Sales, customer and contact management fully integrated with Jetfile

Fully Cloud enabled CRM

Used either integrated or standalone

Why Customer Relationship Management?

The CRM modules gives you one view of all the contacts in your system, that being insureds, agents, brokers, producers, insurance carriers, vendors or just someone you met at a conference. The modules allows you to store company and contact information, log calls and key information and schedule meetings. Contacts logged can be promoted to any of the other entity types in the system. You can create leads and prospects, and organize contacts in a unlimited number of groups and lists which you can further use for marketing efforts or follow-ups.

Stay in touch and stay in control

Never miss a follow-up or opportunity again

Contact information at your fingertips

The CRM system is very flexible and can be tailored towards many unique needs and organizations. Not only geared towards the insurance industry, the CRM module can be used by any organization with needs to keep in touch with their contacts and prospects. The extensive search and tag system provides flexible ways of grouping and listing companies and contacts and provides new ways of utilizing your data.

  • Leads and prospects

  • To-do list / suspenses

  • Calls, Marketing emails and text messages

The CRM system allows you to further extend the entities from the other modules such as the Agency Management System (Production) and the Accounting and Financial modules. Linked to these modules the CRM will allow you to collect and extend information on insureds, SL2 companies, Vendors, etc.


Data safety

By using industry standard security mechanisms and using Microsoft's cloud platform you can rest assured your data is safe.


Geo redundancy

We store your data not only 1 time, but 3 times on different servers, in different buildings and even in different states. And data resides in the USA at all times.



If you have any questions you are free to call us, at any time. Our specialists are ready to assist you in getting started or guide you through the advanced concepts.


Device compatibility

All you need is a modern device with a modern browser. We support the 2 latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and Opera.

Strengthening Relationships

Business relies on relations, old and new. If you want to build new relationships or just try to stay in touch it can be challenging. Jetfile CRM can help you, by keeping track of detailed contact information, meetings and calls all in one place. Integrated with email marketing and text messaging services you can reach out to the masses, a contact list or just that special one

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