Document Management

Keep track of all your documents, emails and files in one place
Stored in the cloud, accessible from any where.

Easily manage your documents

Link, index and categorize documents for easy access

Cloud based Document Management

Storing documents on a file system, local or on a server, or in a traditional DMS has obvious drawbacks. Finding the right documents are dependent on you and your co-workers ability to save in correct folders and to keep the folders organized. Accessing the documents from another computer or from outside your corporate network can be a pain only the IT Manager can handle. By utilizing the power of modern technology and modern devices your documents can now be available when you want them, wherever you are.

Document Management

Standalone or linked with other Jetfile products

Store in the cloud, access from everywhere

Documents stored on local machines, documents not accessible when you are on the road? Not with Jetfile Document Management. Through the document management system you can keep track of all your documents, emails, images and correspondence in one place. When combined with other Jetfile products documents can be linked to applications, policies, contacts, checks, invoices, claims, vendor invoices, bank statements and general ledger entries.

  • Categorize, tag and index

  • Import from email servers, or through email clients such as Microsoft Outlook

  • Attach directly from scanner

  • Email directly out of Jetfile

  • Edit documents, spreadsheets and PDFs

  • Integrate with other Jetfile modules

Import local files by drag and drop, Import directly from your scanner, or import from your mail server. The system will keep track on when you imported it and when the document or email was created and sent. We'll even make sure you only import emails once.


Data safety

By using industry standard security mechanisms and using Microsoft's cloud platform you can rest assured your data is safe.


Geo redundancy

We store your data not only 1 time, but 3 times on different servers, in different buildings and even in different states. And data resides in the USA at all times.



If you have any questions you are free to call us, at any time. Our specialists are ready to assist you in getting started or guide you through the advanced concepts.


Device compatibility

All you need is a modern device with a modern browser. We support the 2 latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and Opera.

Don't spend more time looking for that document

Jetfile will reduce the time you spend looking for documents, create documents and edit documents. Including PDFs. If you need to assemble a document from vaious sources or need to create bundle of documents for export, Jetfile will help

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