Portal Framework

Give insureds and producers access to their data
and put them in control through self service

Built to extend

A Framework consisting of data access, access control, and page templates

Why give clients access to your data?

Putting the clients in control of the data can free your time from data entry and answering trivial questions. Clients can upload and create applications, fill in missing data and requested data, download and upload documents including policies and invoices. Clients can be given access to policy data and even accounting information like statements and payment details. All of course protected behind data access control mechanism, only giving clients access to the data you have granted.

Based on open standards and cross platform technologies

Ensuring availability from most programming languages and hosting environments.

Built with flexibility in mind

Building a one size fits all web portal for the insurance industry would not give you the product and uniqueness that you want. Why be like everybody else? So we developed a Portal Framework that you, or with the help from us, can leverage to built truly unique portals. Portals that provides gives you and your clients access to the insurance data they need. That gives you the tool you need to communicate with your clients in an effective and modern way. Just they way your clients would expect.

  • Cross platform

  • REST based API

  • OAuth2 Security

Providing the base for a client interaction strategy based on a highly customizable framework


Data safety

By using industry standard security mechanisms and using Microsoft's cloud platform you can rest assured your data is safe.


Geo redundancy

We store your data not only 1 time, but 3 times on different servers, in different buildings and even in different states. And data resides in the USA at all times.



If you have any questions you are free to call us, at any time. Our specialists are ready to assist you in getting started or guide you through the advanced concepts.


Device compatibility

All you need is a modern device with a modern browser. We support the 2 latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and Opera.

Providing your clients with what they expect

Backing pages like www.californiafloodpolicy.com our Framework is in use by clients across the country on a daily basis. Can you wait?

Need more information?

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